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Must watch! Awesome fat kid dancer’s talent will shock, tear up eyes and knock you off your chair.

I can see this as one of youtube’s all time treasures, and will rise to the top soon.

It has been a really long time since I surfed youtube, I visit links shared with me but this one came in an email titled ‘Laugh of the day’ and it definitely lived up to its expectations! Enjoy and don’t forget to share this one!

Back to the Future NIKE Mag Shoes, Great Scott!

A childhood fantasy comes to life! Too bad they’re going to be ridonculously expensive! Check out the videos! Back to the Future NIKE Mag Shoes

Back to the Future Nike

Outstanding Realistic Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

Some incredible and beautiful sculptures made out of tires! This is inspirational art at its best! Outstanding Realistic Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials.

Lion Sculpture made of Tires

Post-it Note Wars – My Modern Metropolis

An artsy collection of post-it notes on walls and windows! Check out Post-it Note Wars – My Modern Metropolis.

Mirror, mirror. An extraordinary pervasive AI computing UX vision. – The New York Times, Nieman Journalism Lab

Every once in a while something extraordinary comes along in gadgets. If you’ve got a little pervasive AI computing vision, the possibilites are endless!

Lets say Herbert, your mairror, (ai mirror duh?!), is installed on all your mirrors (bedroom, bathroom, entrance lounge) and displays (tv, lcd, phone, watch, kitchen).

It syncs with your calender, to do list, your news of interest, monitors your health, delivers media status updates from your closest friends and family, reads out important sms/emails/media notes, orders groceries, cleaning services, finds/delivers hints/tips/updates on your hobbies/wishlist, and encourages you to find time for those things you always wanted to learn but never find time to (even reads to you, teaches you interactively), and monitors your progress and gives you feedback. Whatever you want, nothing else. 

Yes, there are many possible risks, fine details that need to be tweaked here, but I’m overlooking that for now and looking at just these few scenarios I thought up of in a minute. The potentials of a truly invisible interface here is amazing and there are a blahzillion enhancement paths for every field of science, living and business. 

This is the start of true pervasive computing, where you’re listening to the radio in your car, like the artist/song, trigger some kind of action word/button, and Herbert finds and books you their next concert, or signs up for email newsletters for itself to one day tell/show you in the future while you’re brushing your teeth. Heck, even the annoying radio guy can be muted and Herbert can fill you in on whats important to you. Maybe even keep in touch with Pedro, your brothers mairror and arrange a call when you’re both free.  

Read on to see how far this prototype has come to date: Mirror, mirror: The New York Times wants to serve you info as you’re brushing your teeth » Nieman Journalism Lab.

UX: Effectively triggering emotional responses with smiles and faces.

Results of an A/B testing evaluation show how triggering an emotional response / connection from user’s vastly increases their response rate, by 102.5% in this case. This seems to have the marketing power of testimonials, but portrayed in one happy smiling customer photo. A picture is worth a thousand wordsBehind the scenes: A/B testing part 3: Finalé – 37signals. - A/B Testing Person Design - A/B Testing Person Design

Results of eye-tracking studies have shown how you can grab and guide a user’s eye using a similar emotional response. You look where they look, people look at other people’s faces – But just because their eyes have seen an element on a page, doesn’ t mean that they’ve registered it.

Tobii eye tracker heat map of 106 viewing baby ad -

Tobii eye tracker heat map of 106 viewing baby ad -

Further reading:

UX: Useful vs Usable + Popular Web Strategies That Dont Work | UX Magazine

This is worth a quick speed read. “Be useful first. Then be usable.” via Five Popular Web Strategies That Dont Work | UX Magazine.

UX: Data Talks. A/B Usability Testing | UXmatters

Quick read on the process of identifying problems and testing various solutions to find the killer one. Pairing Up Usability Testing with A/B Testing :: UXmatters.

UX: Prettier does not mean better. Seven Guidelines For Designing High-Performance Mobile User Experiences | Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine always features the most comprehensive well written articles on UX. Here is another worth a quick read! Seven Guidelines For Designing High-Performance Mobile User Experiences – Smashing Magazine.

UX: ‘Usability Rules the Web’ but what is it? Usability 101 – Definition and Fundamentals – What, Why, How | Jakob Nielsen

If you’ve just heard about usability, you need to start with the basics. The definition; how, when, and where can you improve it? Why should you care?

Usability can be defined in many different ways and can be seen as vast complex field of studies; it mainly represents a user’s ease to perform a function efficiently. Helen Sharp and Jakob Nielsen, among the well-known and respected gurus of interaction, define usability as:

“… effectiveness, ease of use, and satisfaction…” Helen Sharp

“… a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use.” Jakob Nielsen

Ben Shneiderman, a man of equal stature, and Nielsen further go on to divide usability into five factors that fit into the categories of efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction. The category of efficiency relates to the speed of performance and the time it takes for a user to learn how to use the function; whereas effectiveness relates to the memorability and rate of errors (van Welie, 1999). Such an approach reflects the ‘user and task dependent’ nature of usability as well as relating it to “how well the user is able to accomplish what they set out to do, how efficiently the user can do this, and how satisfied the user is during and after the process” (Whitehead 2006).

To get you started, check out this overview that covers the basic questions by Jakob Nielsen. Usability 101: Definition and Fundamentals – What, Why, How Jakob Nielsens Alertbox.

Example of bad usability design from

Example of bad usability design from

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