I believe in a bright future of integration of NFC technology with social media marketing by bridging the gap between the offline and online world. First give your flock incentives to allow social privileges to an NFC device. Next, have them tap this NFC device to gain access to events, products, services, features or functions instead of using tickets, vouchers, coupons and IDs. Every time they tap for access, the system will write to their social circles, and if you get creative by adding a live photo booth, video or other catchy creative/feature – their network will start interacting with that media. It’ll definitely add to the feed chaos, but your presence will spread virally, and unfortunately, that’s what matters at the moment. Check out the examples and links below.

There are already quite a few implementations of this around the world, three great examples that I’ve come across: by Publicis E-Dologic at the Coca Cola Summer Village Like Machine, by C-Section / Plasenta Conversation Agency at the Rock’n Coke Music Festival and by Tagstand at an NYC food event.

Rock'n Coke Music Festival on Facebook Studio

Rock’n Coke Music Festival on Facebook Studio