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Corporate Warrior Steve Yegge: Presenting to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

You should fight for what is right and challenge bad ideas. Propose to test ‘hive-mind’ assumptions and support your logic with detailed data. Live on the edge and be ready to get fired every day. Here is another Google Plus post full of wisdom from a Google employee that went viral with thousands of readers:

Amazon War Story #1: Jeff Bezos

Over the years I watched people give presentations to Jeff Bezos and come back bruised: emotionally, intellectually, often career-ily. If you came back with a nod or a signoff, you were jumping for joy. Presenting to Jeff is a gauntlet that tends to send people back to the cave to lick their wounds and stay out of the sunlight for a while.

I say “presentations” and you probably think PowerPoint, but no: he outlawed PowerPoint there many years ago. It’s not allowed on the campus. If you present to Jeff, you write it as prose.

One day it came time for me to present to Jeff. It felt like… I don’t know, maybe how they swarm around you when you’re going to meet the President. People giving you last-minute advice, wishing you luck, ushering you past regiments of admins and security guards. It’s like you’re in a movie. A gladiator movie. (more…)

Trial, error and the God complex – Tim Hartford on

 I see the God complex around me all the time in my fellow economists. I see it in our business leaders. I see it in the politicians we vote for — people who, in the face of an incredibly complicated world, are nevertheless absolutely convinced that they understand the way that the world works.” (Tim Harford)

The Infamous Golden Circle & the Importance of ‘WHY’. Simon Sinek’s TED talk on leadership & marketing based on biomimcry!

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