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2012’s Best Apps & Programs for Windows, Mac, Android, iPads & iPhones


Every year Lifehacker creates a list of their favorite, most popular must-have applications for each popular platform. The apps are divided into categories of productivity, internet/communication, location-aware, music, photos and video, utilities and more.

If you’re setting up a new device or looking for a reliable recommendation check these out.

Android Pack

iPad Pack

iPhone Pack

Linux Pack

Mac OSx Pack

Windows Pack


I murder plants :(

It is true. I don’t do it on purpose, but it happens. I love plants. I love having them in my house and at work. But over time I’ve somehow become a serial plant killer and I hate myself for it.

Have no fear, redemption is here (at the cost of $168). God has done some UX work and sent us a plant angel on the iOS and web to save us from sinning again, aka the Koubachi Wi-Fi Sensor.

Dear Sheikha Mahboob (my dying palm tree),

Help is here. I shall love and care for you when notified by the plant angel. Look forward to seeing you green again.

Love, Nadeem!

Angel of Plants

Angel of Plants

How to setup/install the WordPress ‘Press This’ bookmarklet on the iPhone and iPad doesn’t give you simple instructions on how to install the Press This bookmark on to the iPhone and iPad safari bookmark bar. I found this cool little tool that helps you install all the different bookmarklets available on the internet straight from your idevice. Thanks to Yusuke Kawasaki!

Install his bookmarklet, then visit the Tools page on your wordpress admin dashboard, to easily install the Press This bookmarklet using the same method. Let me know if you need any help!

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