Kashmir from space!

Srinagar left, then Delhi center, and Lahore right under thick Orange India Pakistan border.

Photo: India-Pakistan Border From Space – India Real Time – WSJ.

Kashmir: The forgotten conflict – Al Jazeera Spotlight

This seems to be turning into the one stop resource for backgrounds and current issue articles on Kashmir by Al Jazeera. There is a wealth of great information, photos and activity here. Thank you Al Jazeera. Kashmir: The forgotten conflict – Al Jazeera English.

700K troops in Kashmir, only 200K at the peak of Iraq’s war! Why silence over Kashmir speaks volumes – The Guardian

Kashmir’s war, ‘biggest, bloodiest, most obscure military occupation in the world.  Why silence over Kashmir speaks volumes | From the Guardian | The Guardian.

Kashmir’s Forever War – Granta Magazine

This is a great article featuring an insight on the Kashmir conflict. A long and sad must read for anyone interested in knowing what has been going on.  1 | Kashmir’s Forever War | Granta 112: Pakistan | Magazine | Granta Magazine.

Showkat Nanda took this picture of a young Kashmiri boy throwing stones at an armoured vehicle in the summer of 2009 just moments after another young boy, shot by Indian security forces, had died in his arms [Showkat Nanda, Kashmir: The forgotten conflict: Al Jazeera Online]]

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