How to set Google Chrome Omnibox Search back to in English?

Google’s regional language detection and change system drives me crazy. I live in the Middle East, but don’t speak Arabic. Yet if I install Chrome or use Gmail, Google Drive, Documents, Blogger, Apps or any of Google’s products in the region, it always sends me to the arabic version, with no way for me to switch back to in English – unless I speak Arabic, which I don’t.

It’s easy to fix though, go to chrome settings from the wrench icon on the top right, then Manage Search Engines. Add a new search engine with the name = English, keyword = hello and URL = . Set this as default and you’re good to go. (more…)

How to reset custom contact ringtones back to the default ringtone on Android?

AAGGGGHHHHH! If you set a custom contact ringtone in Android version 4.x – and apparently all other versions, it uses that ringtone for every possible notification from that contact. This includes calling, sms, emails and IM notifications from messaging applications like WhatsApp. Definitely a UX/usability flaw in the Android OS as I need call ringtones to be differentiated from messaging ringtones for obvious reasons. What makes things worse – there is no option to reset the ringtone back to the default ringtone. (more…)

Now powered by wordpress, asta lavista blogspot…

Welcome back to the revamped! I only spent a couple days setting up and writing a few entries on blogspot last year. And now the blog has been moved to wordpress, which is a lot more powerful, and will soon be writing regularly! Let me know what kind of stuff you’d like to see!

Blogger vs WordPress

New to the world of free online blogging, I was wondering which one would be better for me to use. I setup an account on both sites, and ended up finding The Blogger/Wordpress Debate. Seems like I’m sticking to blogger for now… Then there is twitter…?

Hello world!

I like to maximise efficiency and usability of my PC, through simple guidelines, shortcuts, tools and software. Instead of passing on advice by forwarding emails and links to specific things, I’ll put it all here. If you’ve any questions or comments feel free to email me.

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