Google’s regional language detection and change system drives me crazy. I live in the Middle East, but don’t speak Arabic. Yet if I install Chrome or use Gmail, Google Drive, Documents, Blogger, Apps or any of Google’s products in the region, it always sends me to the arabic version, with no way for me to switch back to in English – unless I speak Arabic, which I don’t.

It’s easy to fix though, go to chrome settings from the wrench icon on the top right, then Manage Search Engines. Add a new search engine with the name = English, keyword = hello and URL = . Set this as default and you’re good to go.

If it isn’t a Chrome problem, but one of Google’s other products, you can try adding ?hl=en to the very end of the URL address without any spaces and hit enter. This tells Google that your ‘web language’ should be English. Sometimes you may already have ?hl=ar or some other language code at the end, in this case replace the two letter language code with en . This method may not always work, but its worth a try before finding someone that speaks your geographic regional language.

The Wright brothers invented the plane years ago, people have been migrating across the world from the beginning of civilization. You probably couldn’t get around without learning the local language, but Google themselves gives us instant translation tools themselves, even by voice – yet they’re also the ones that have the worst default language settings forced upon users without an easy way to change it.

Yes, I did change my google account language settings already, but I still face this problem repeatedly. Hope this helps.