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Nadeem Bakhsh Dubizzle UX Usability Product Strategy Consultant Dubai

I kill UX & usability frustrations

I’m also a scientist and technology strategist that’s Saudi and British educated. Yes, I’m tri-cultured and confused. I create experiences people love to use by fusing the disciplines of engineering, psychology, sociology, economics and marketing. I believe in innovating for the ‘social good‘ and I’m driven by “Data! Data! Data!” (Sherlock Holmes). I love working on humanitarian, philanthropic and nonprofit projects, my goal is to make the world user friendly. Let’s cloud, crowd and collaborate.

An expert web and mobile UX, usability and product management consultant in Dubai. I specialize in innovation, growth, engagement and conversion strategies and execution.

If you’re interested in working with me, you should email me here. You should follow me on twitter here, connect with me on linkedin here and download my CV here.

About this site:

I’m fascinated by awesomeness: a delicious crunch of ux, art, design, technology, engineering, biomimicry, psychology, economics, sociology, philosophy, photography, bioinformatics, genetics and marketing.

Although I’m a UX consultant, I have not spent any time on the architecture of this site. The design is a free wordpress template. The content is randomly collected to be forever shared in one place as I experience and discover life.

About me:

I’ve studied Bioinformatics, Economics, Electronic Technologies, User Experience and am a strong believer of biomimicry. One day, I hope to study some philosophy and psychology too.

I speak Geek and I understand conversational French and Arabic too. I’m born in England, grew up in Saudi, schooled in England and living in Dubai as a Saudi citizen.

I fell in love with computers from a very young age, around 10, growing up in Saudi there wasn’t much else to do but corrupt and delete everything my father worked on, ha. At an American school in Saudi I was introduced to and started hating Apple computers… At an American boarding school in England,  I discovered a huge interest in the efficiency of structures and functions in genetics, probably fueled by an interest to turn my enemies into frogs. I went on to study Medical Genetics at Brunel University, only to get bored experimenting with invisible objects in labs and writing endless reports. I didn’t want to wait 40 years to turn someone into a frog, virtually would be good enough, so I transferred to the University of Manchester to study Bioinformatics.

I loved every bit of it. Especially the computer science side, the logic came naturally to me. Soon I realized the corporate world was hugely benefiting from integrating new web technologies and user experience strategies into their business processes, while the nonprofit world was left behind but needed it the most. So I mastered in electronic technologies for businesses hoping one day I could benefit nonprofit organizations, and make the world a slightly better, friendlier and cozier place…

Then I managed the product development lifecycle at as the UX & QA Manager. During my time there, the social business expanded from Dubai English, 20M pageviews/month and 850K users to 35 cities across 14 MENA countries, 150M pageviews/month and 4M users.  While other companies are out to make as much profit from people as possible, dubizzle offers them the cheapest alternative from their local community. It is Dubai’s largest social entrepreneurship: serving millions of users all over the Middle East and North Africa, breaking them past language barriers and making local communities a better, affordable place – for absolutely free. It’s based on a Robin Hood model, taking from corporate advertisers and serving the people.

Now I’m continuing my research in the use of technology for social good and working on a few nonprofit and social business projects while consulting on user experience, usability and product strategies.

If you’re interested in working with me, you should email me here.

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